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Sustainable Macleod Inc., which runs the Macleod Organic Community Garden, is now an
incorporated association and is taking membership for the 2018 year.

Join now to become part of the Macleod Organic Community Garden – not only will you have access to the garden and its produce, you’ll connect with other like-minded gardeners in the community, share knowledge and have access to Sustainable Macleod’s resources.

Become a member
Membership is on a yearly basis, ending 31 December if joining late in the year, your membership will expire the next year.
The fee is $25 per person or $50 per family, which includes free enrolment in Sustainable Macleod workshops, except for ones run by a paid presenter.

Register using the following link or simply print off this form Membership application form and bring it to the Garden or Vegie Swap.

This will take you to a secure online form, hosted by a local Melbourne company – Eventarc. Please choose your ticket (Individual or Family membership),  click the REGISTER link at the bottom of the form. You will then be able to pay in the usual way through Paypal (Paypal account OR your Credit/Debit card).

Payment is through Paypal, where you can use your existing Paypal account or pay by credit card. Payments are for a calendar year (January – December).

In addition to the standard information you will need to fill in, we have added 3 OPTIONAL questions. You do not have to answer these, but if you do, it helps us plan activities and facilities  more appropriately for our membership


  • Free enrolment in Sustainable Macleod workshops, except for ones run by a paid presenter
  • Access to produce of the garden (excess produce will be distributed through the Vegie Swap or local community groups)
  • Access to the Seed Library and Garden Books via the mini hot house library at the Garden (coming soon)
  • Access to spare seedlings that are raised for the garden
  • Access to prunings for grafting (when available)
  • Request a plant – you can request most common plants that can be propagated, like mint, sage, blueberries etc.
  • Hands-on workshops during the year, on topics such as soil biology, wicking bed construction, composting, grafting, pruning, water saving, irrigation, solar projects, maintenance of tools, and other relevant topics.
  • Access to a members-only area of the website (coming soon)
  • Access to local Community Garden resources, like free local inputs such as coffee husks, wood shavings, horse poo and straw.
  • Invitations to local social events, including special events such as Swap a Preserve Day, cooking demonstrations, and Daylight Savings Pizza Cook-ups.
  • Shared access to the Garden Clubs of Australia magazine (4 issues a year)
  • Insurance cover (for personal accident) while volunteering or at a club event
  • Your membership fee will be offset by a reduction in your seed, seedling and fruit & veg budget for the year.
  • Experience a sense of belonging, connect with others in the community.
  • Participate in positive and healthy activities, enjoy the friendship of like-minded people.
  • Gather knowledge and share ideas on sustainable gardening practices.
  • Enjoy the benefits of fresh seasonal, local-grown produce and other garden outputs.
  • Free use of a Trailer.
  • Future facilities will include a large poly tunnel so members can also raise there own seeds and cuttings in a hothouse environment.
  • Future facilities will include a wood fired oven for members’ use.

Download a PDF of Membership Benefits